Wayne County, PA

Wayne County, PA is by far the most rural of the four Pocono counties. The US Census estimates its current population to be just under 52,000. Wayne County encompasses 729 square miles, contains 3 state parks and almost 21,000 acres of PA State Game Land.

Lakeville Weather Forecast, PA (18438)

You are very likely to pass hay fields, horses and herds of dairy cows as your drive the PA's scenic Route 6 from Hawley, at the north end of Lake Wallenpaupack, to Waymart.

Interstate 84 is the only Interstate highway that passes through Wayne. It does so in the southern tier, just below Lake Wallenpaupack. Take exit 17 off I-84 and go north on Route 191. You will see farms fields, buffalo herds and the occasional Alpaca as you wind your way north through Rileyville and Equinunk before reaching its terminus at the bridge over the Delaware that takes you into Hancock, NY.

The elevation of the county ranges from just 670 feet along the Delaware River to 2,656ft at the peak of Mt. Ararat along Route 670 in Mount Pleasant Township. This range can produce wide variations in temperature, snowfall amounts and wildlife.

Local Wildlife

The biggest wildlife threat to your garden here are deer, squirrel, raccoons, rabbits and voles. Wayne also has a substantial population of wild turkey and other large game birds but I have never heard of them bothering with a garden.

I have seen fox and coyotes on our property. They are good to have around. They will assist you by hunting rabbits, mice and voles.

In the Poconos you always have a chance of meeting a bear. In my experience, they have seen me, but they have always just continued on their way. Even when that way was within feet of the garden. My dog barked and charged a large bear one hot July afternoon. The bear turned and looked at him but did not slow his pace.

This does not mean that all bears will ignore you and your garden. Bears are inquisitive. I once watched a mother bear dump my garbage cans out and search through them while her 2 cubs observed. She methodically went through it all until she found what she was looking for. A McDonald's bag.

She brought the bag over to the waiting cubs. The cubs tore it open and ate the fries. That's all they ate. They did not even sample the rest of the can's contents.

The mother bear finished rubbing her side against my car mirror and all three walked past the garden and greenhouse (it was not fenced at that time) into the woods.

You can never know what a bear will find interesting. So besides never keeping french fries in my pocket, I always try to remember to bring the cordless telephone with me when I am working outside.

I close the gate to the fence when I am inside. This would slow down a wildlife intruder and the rattling would alert me its presence.

It also prevents the dog from "helping" me with garden chores. I keep a small air horn in the greenhouse. The kind people bring to sporting events. I'm not positive that it would scare a bear away, but it is better than having nothing.

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As with all counties in the Poconos, the weather in Wayne County can disrupt your plans when you least expect it. Do not rely on the local radio station to provide you with the conditions for your particular town.

For Example: The DOT yard on the corner of Route 670 and 247 in Pleasant Mount had to send trucks out on April 20th to plow snow and spread cinders on Route 247. That same day we only received snow flurries and a light dusting around Ledgedale and Lakeville.

Local TV and radio stations reported that we would have flurries. I never saw any reports that towns needed to plow the roads in northern Wayne County.

The Weather Underground is a great place to go to find weather monitoring stations close to you. They have stations in Paupack and Lakeville.

Still Want to be a Pocono Gardener?

If you want to be a gardener in Wayne County, you must be prepared for just about anything. You will need some new knowledge and skills to be successful here in the Poconos. Don't worry. PoconoGardening.com can help.

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  • Where to find gardening tools and supplies locally.

  • If you are looking a some fresh vegetables while you get your garden plan underway, our Farm Stand page can direct you to some great places to purchase local produce.

  • Find your Plant Hardiness Zone or check on the current Drought status on the Weather and Climate page.

  • Here is the local Wayne County Government Website.

  • Pennsylvania Visitors Network - Wayne County.

  • Paupack Township official website. Check the status of burn bans, the food pantry schedule and recycling program.  Paupack Twp encompasses the Villages of Lakeville & Uswick.

  • Damascus Township Official Site.

  • Want to check conditions when you are away from home?

  • The Lighthouse Harbor Marina Cam on PoconoWeather.com shows another shot of Lake Wallenpaupack from Greentown.

  • The Lakeside Elementary School weather cam in Honesdale, PA.

  • Snowed in? 
  • Call LakeWallenpaupackSnowPlowing.com for speedy assistance. 

  • Have a question about an animal pest, invasive weed or destructive insect on your property? Contact your local PSU Cooperative Extension - Wayne County.


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