Tumbler made out of wire mesh

by Mike
(Athens, Ohio)

Greetings. I have been looking at compost bins and tumblers on the net. None of them seem to be big enough for my plans. My plans include offering a pickup service to businesses and residents around the area, so I am going to need a huge tumbler or else use a pile. I was thinking of maybe making a tumbler out of wire mesh. The mesh would be in a big circle, framed up off the ground so it could be turned like a traditional tumbler.

I haven't found anything that someone else made that I am thinking so I am wondering if it wouldn't work?

Thought maybe you could offer an opinion my idea. Thanks Mike

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Feb 20, 2015
by: Mike

What I envision is mesh wrapped around two bicycle wheels and a support structure and center axle in the middle. But....... Big dreams require big money😕

Feb 08, 2015
Is wire strong enough?
by: Jennifer

Would a tumbler made of just wire mesh be strong enough to hold the weight of compost? Thinking you would probably need a rigid skeleton to support the mesh.

Anyone else care to offer their thoughts?

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