Pocono Gardening is just like every other gardener. We feel the need to try every new garden gadget out there. It is only fair that we post our reviews here to help our neighbors.

I hate it when I buy the hottest new product for my plants only to find out that it is a piece of useless detritus that does not come close to living up to the claims made by the manufacturer. But then to hear "Oh that thing. It stinks. I just threw mine out because it doesn't work." from your brother or co-worker only adds insult to injury.

I will endeavor to offer my honest opinions about products and services I myself have, need or want so as to save your from the sinking feeling that you have been swindled yet again by a poor quality product.

Most items will be things I chose to purchase for use in the Pocono Garden. If I have been compensated in some way, to write a review for an item, I will disclose that fact. For example: if I am given a free pair of gloves or five dollars and asked to try them (the gloves) and post a review on my site, I will state that in the review.

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