Pike Wayne Earth Day Festival
& Farmers Market

As in previous years, the Pike Wayne Earth Day Festival at the PP&L Utilities, Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Preserve was a lot of fun. There were hybrid cars, a puppet show, energy conservation demos and a soil display by the Master Gardeners group. Attendees also learned about herbs and birds native to the Poconos.

Kid's made a birdfeeder from all recycled materials and received a free vegetable plant from Clearwater Acres Farm of Damascus, PA. The "plastic bag man" was there handing out free cloth shopping bags. 2009 was the first time they tried a Farmers Market in conjunction with the usual activities.

Farmers Market Stands

The Farmers Market was held in the small parking lot right on the lake, next to the dam. It was a little windy, but a beautiful day overall. I took some photos of the vendors' stands.

Pocono Gardening at ppl

The Pocono Gardening stand. Our Sunflowers, Oregano and Monarda plants were very popular. We sold out!

Clearwater Acres at ppl

The Clearwater Acres Farm stand. They were selling vegetable and herb seedlings. The have farm tours and workshops on a regular basis. Check their website Clearwater Acres for more information about them.

Calkins Cheese at PPL

Calkins Creamery sold cheeses and cheese accessories, like cutting boards and stuff. They had free samples. The cheese with garlic and pepper was yummy.

Beach Lake Bread at PPL

Beach Lake Bread sold their wonderful crusty loaves to many attendees. They also had free samples of crustini. We took home a Ciabatta loaf. Great for dunking in chicken soup.

Mrs Salaks

The homemade pies at Mrs. Salak's stands looked great and so did the jars of jam. They can be found Saturdays at the Wayne County Farmers Market in Honesdale.

Mariposa Gardens

The stand across the lot from Pocono Gardening, was Mariposa Gardens. They had a large display of flowering plants and trees native to Pennsylvania.

I understand that next year the Pike Wayne Earth Day Farmers Market will be located in the main parking lot, in front of the PP & L Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center.

You can check next year's earth day schedule on the Pike Wayne Earth Day


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