Pike County, PA

Pike County encompasses 567 square miles and is home to Matamoras, the eastern-most point of the state. It also has hundreds of waterfalls, many family resorts, kids' summer camps, an abundance of wildlife and some great hiking trails.

Milford Weather Forecast, PA

It is the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania. Currently, it is estimated than 58,250 people call it home. Just 75 miles west of New York City, it is bordered by the Delaware River on the north and east, Wayne county on the west and Monroe county to the south and south-west.

Pike's double-digit population growth spawned efforts to conserve the rural nature of the county. Pike County Conservation District, Alliance to Keep Pike Green, Pocono Environmental Education Center and the Pinchot Institute of Conservation all work in concert to preserve open space and act as watchdog groups for thoughtful land development.

As it is mostly decidious and confierous woods, it doesn't have the amounts farmland that Wayne and Monroe county have. If you have visited our Farmers Markets and Farm Stand pages you may have noticed the decided lack of locations listed for Pike county.

Gardening Challenges

Although the wildlife is just as abundant in Pike County, they will not be your biggest gardening obstacle. Take a shovel and try to dig a hole in your yard, if you have something besides trees to dig. Clank! What was that sound? Rocks. Plenty of rocks.

To be a successful gardener in Lackawaxen, Milford or Lord's Valley you will need more than a shovel and a pack of seeds. Raised beds or container gardening will most likely be the words you are searching for here. Don't worry. PoconoGardening.com will help you.

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Links and Information Resources

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  • Have a question about an animal pest, invasive weed or destructive insect on your property? Contact your local PSU Cooperative Extension Office - Pike County.

    PA Visitor Network - Pike County

    Check the conditions while you are at work or on vacation.

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