Monroe County, PA

Monroe County is in the southern part of the Pocono Mountain range. It encompasses 611 square miles and is about 90 miles north of Philadelphia, PA. It has the dubious honor of being the second fastest growing county in Pennsylvania. The current population is estimated to be 165,000. Up from 138,600 according to the 2000 Census.

The rural landscape is slowly becoming more suburban in nature. As agricultural land gives way to housing developments and shopping centers a fundamental change occurs. The area residents have houses with lawns and a dog, instead of kitchen gardens and a cow or a few chickens.

I am not saying this is a bad thing. It is just a fact.

New residents to the area want a kitchen garden, I am sure. But the Poconos throws obstacles in their way and may block the paths to success. Deer, rabbits, voles , groundhogs and hungry crows are only too happy to eat all the "food" you plant for them.

Even if your garden survives the snacking of the local fauna, the weather may have a plan for you. 6" of snow in mid-April can set you back. A May 17th frost can put you out of the game for weeks.

I never had these problems before, you think, back in New Jersey or Long Island or North Carolina, I always planted my tomatoes and peppers out the first weekend in May.

Welcome to the Poconos!

You will need some new knowledge and skills to be a successful gardener here in the Poconos. Don't worry. will help you.

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Monroe County is home to some fantastic farms that sell direct to the public as well as great Farmers Markets. To find a farm near you go to our Farm Stands page. To find multiple vendors in one setting, our Farmers Markets page is where you need to check.

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